Aitua is a guitarist, arranger, composer, music teacher, and has released three albums: Elements, Medieval Game, and Nigerian Move. The musical style is diverse, ranging from classical music like in The Wings, to Jazz-Afrobeat music like In Memory on You.

In 2017, the Aitua Guitar Quartet is formed with Pascal Bolbach, Amélie Thibault and Blandine Sibille. The group gave concerts in France between 2017 and 2023, playing pieces by Roland Dyens, Celso Machado, and Aitua’s own compositions.

In 2018, Aitua performed at the Trianon in Paris with 6 other musicians following the “Gonzervatory” competition organized by the world renowned Chilly Gonzales. The concert, broadcasted on Arte Concert, showed their composing multiple new songs of Jazz, Rap and Soul music in 7 days.

In 2019, Aitua founded the AfroClassical project: a multi format classical music event with the aim of promoting the heritage of composers of African descent from the 18th century to today. In a Concert-Conference format, Aitua arranges classical music pieces of famous black composers of history such as the Chevalier de Saint-George or Florence Price on the guitar, while telling their life stories.

In 2021, Aitua and the flutist Maholy formed the Duo MAHAI (“who breathes” in Malagasy). The duo gives concerts in Paris interpreting different styles of music. It interprets the compositions of Astor Piazolla, Celso Machado, and also the own compositions of Aitua.

In 2023, Aitua collaborated with Hortense Belhôte on the spectacular conference Portraits de Famille, and with Tunji Allen and the founder of Afrobeat Tony Allen on the single Rivers of All Time, whose video was released the same year.